Flower Types – Preservation Information

How to Care for your Flowers
Before Preservation

The success of preserving your flowers is largely based on pre-planning and receiving the flowers when they are fresh.
I will always try to accommodate any request in preserving your flowers, however, I recommend following the procedures below to get the most out of the preservation process.

Recommended Procedures:

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Before the Wedding or Special Event:

  • Plan ahead at least 3 weeks in advance to place your order, as the silica sand needs to be reserved ahead of time. I will try to accommodate last minute requests as best as I can.
  • For determining best preservation methods, I will need to know how many flowers, what kind of flowers, and what colors are used.
    **Succulents do not preserve well.**
    Please see the Flower Types – Preservation Information for information about the flowers that preserve well and those that do not.
  • For ribbon wrapped stems, ask your florist for extra ribbon to wrap after the preservation process. Sometimes staining of the ribbon occurs when flowers are fresh, which may be able to be cleaned, but is not always guaranteed.
  • Have a separate, small bouquet made for throwing or tossing at the event to avoid any possible damage before preserving.
  • Please choose your desired container (display box, glass dome etc.) in advance if it needs to be special ordered. Please Contact Me for suggestions before making your final decision.

    For container ideas, feel free to browse the following websites:


After the Wedding or Special Event:

  • As soon as possible, place arrangements in a vase with cool water.
  • Place arrangements in a refrigerator or cool place. **Important** DO NOT FREEZE.
  • Do not spray petals with water.
  • Gather any memorabilia items to be shown in the arrangement, and let me know ahead of time what items will be used.

After Forever Flowers creates your beautiful preserved arrangement:

Keepsakes and Arrangements once preserved must be kept away from humidity and direct sunlight. Colors can fade and antique under these conditions.