Personal Consultations

We can meet to determine a plan for preserving your floral arrangement, which includes your timeline, pricing, How to Care for your Flowers Before Preservation (click to read more), container suggestions, and any custom options or special requests. Consultations are free, so make your appointment today! Contact Me


Preserving Your Florals

Florals are preserved in a silica sand mixture. Before drying the flowers, they may need to be perked up again so that they go into the process looking their best. The flowers are buried in the sand and allowed to dry over the course of 5-10 days. Sometimes, depending on the type of flowers, or the condition of the flowers upon receiving them, the process can take longer. Florals may change color slightly in this process, but every effort is taken to preserve the original color as best as possible. Some flowers may require some touch-up of color after the drying process is complete.


Creating your Custom Design

Preserved flowers are then beautifully arranged, and can be displayed in a glass dome or display case of your choice with any memorabilia such as jewels & pendants, ribbons, photos, shells or other items you may choose. Options are determined in your personal consultation.